Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Buy Zoloft to Curb Your Stress Problems

Stress has become a part of almost every individual’s life. Because of rapid changes in life and increased competition the person gets into the trap of stress and depression. He is affected mentally and physically. With increased stress the person may become short tempered or may feel a lot of anxiety.
Keeping in mind the daily worries of life, pharmaceutical companies have come up with various solutions to de-stress a person.  There is a large variety of anti-stress medicines which are available in the market. One among those is named as Zoloft. A person can buy Zoloft to help preventing the stress and anxiety.  Although there are various therapies as well which help de-stress. But the only concern is that these therapies require a lot of time to carry out and in this busy life it is difficult to find ample of time for these. In such case people prefer anti-stress medicines for helping them out.
Zoloft (sertraline) is the most prescribed anti-stress medicine which can be consumed by an individual. This antidepressant medicine can help you get rid off of the problems like restlessness, aggressiveness, physically or mentally hyperactive behavior, mood swings etc. The medication helps to balance the chemicals in the brain which causes such problem.
Those who are already using this medicine have found incredible results. It helps to live more comfortably.  Although Zoloft is prescribed to people who are above eighteen years of age, however, it has been found that this pill has been proven useful to cure the compulsive disorders among teens and children above six years as well. People who are above fifty years of age are also happy to employ this medicine. It can be consumed with a doctor’s prescription and can produce magical results.
But like any other anti depressant medicine this has also some side effects which should be taken into consideration before you buy Zoloft.  The common side effects which have been found in the medicine are constipation, decrease in sexual desires or ability, dizziness, loss of appetite, sweating, nausea, nervousness, stomach  upset, tiredness,  trouble  sleeping, vomiting,  weight loss and  dry  mouth.  All these side effects are often seen in the individual who consumes Zoloft.
One can also feel some other side effects like difficulty in breathing, swelling in the mouth, face lips or tongue, tightness in the chest, decreased concentration, inability to sit still, memory loss, chest pains, hallucinations, vision changes, peeling of skin, stomach pain, suicidal thoughts or attempts and unusual weakness etc.
The treatment starts with the initial dosage of 50mg per day for those who are suffering from severe compulsive disorders. However, for those who are suffering from panic disorders, social disorders, anxiety are advised to consume 25mg per day for the first week and 50mg in the second week of treatment. The medicine can be diluted before consuming. Zoloft consumption should be avoided by the women who are pregnant as it can harm the unborn baby.
In case if anyone is consuming other medicines such as furoxone, marplan, nardil and parnate in the last fourteen days, then he should wait at least for fourteen days before start taking Zoloft.

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